Art is known to be an indicator of the pinnacle of human evolution… whereby the Creator creates through its creation.

We, at ArtSastra, strive to bring forth the creativity and subtle depths of human artistic expression through our various endeavours like events, exhibitions and programs.

The space

ArtSastra is an art gallery situated amidst lush environs of SMC, providing plethora of spaces for art exhibitions, events, workshops and educational programs in various art forms.


Since it’s launch in 2008, the gallery has put together art exhibitions of various artists, be it the upcoming promising artists or the stalwarts of Indian art scene like Himmat Shah.

About us

Gallery ArtSastra is associated with SMC, a century old music, dance and arts institute in the heart of South Delhi, The institute has produced some of the stellar names in the field like Padma Vibhushan Lt Pandit Jasraj ji, Mohammad Rafi etc., continuing the legacy through its various activities.


Among our collection is a range of artists and artworks representing the contemporary Indian art.


The gallery conducts various programs for prolongation of arts and promotion of artists, be it in form of events, art camps, workshops, regular classes or Retreats.

coNtact us

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Under expert guidance of Vipul Saini, the lighting design has been given special consideration after in-depth research, experimentation and exploration, keeping in mind the special requirements of different art mediums.


Vipul Saini

As an artist, Vipul Saini has not only been through the discipline of learning art, but has studied the changing trends and movements as well as the varying specific needs of artists and the tastes of the buyers. 

While setting up the gallery space he went through rigorous research in terms of the space design, the display and lighting design as well as the latest available technologies and adapted it to the character of Indian art, the environment it emerges from and exists in and the rasik, the art connoisseur.

He has curated a number of exhibitions, organized art camps and various art events for over more than two decades.

Coming from a family of artists and being a part of one of the oldest institutes of art, music and dance, SMC, he brings in a highly charged creative energy with a passion to propagate arts and inspire artists of varied disciplines. 

He conducts various programs including art classes, meditation sessions, art workshops and self-development retreats.

Apart from being a painter and curator, he is an accomplished poet, meditation facilitator, art teacher, Self-development mentor, art, lighting and design consultant, an avid traveler, and loves dabbling with cooking, film-making, music etc.



Bhawna randon


Programs Director
Kathak Danseuse
& Guru

Ruchi Saini



“The Infini Tube is dedicated to digital arts, with provision for installations of screens, kiosks, projections etc. It is also ideal for art installations.

Infini tube

For Digital Arts

The gallery spaces have been designed to aid variety of circulations and design approaches as per the taste and requirements of the art on display and the artists.


1600 square feet

Designed with natural elements, it provdes a beautiful backdop for Sculpture, Ceramics, Photographs, Installations etc.

With 1200 running feet wall spaces and hidden light sources, this space is the most ideal for display of any kind of arts.

WIde canvas

1200 running feet

speak with our Consultants for Art, display and Design

Our Art consultants are always there for the art lovers to help them guide and pick the right kind of artwork, be it for purpose of decoration or it be for investment or to add to their eclectic collections. To add value to your precious collection we provide consultation for the display, including installation and lighting of the artworks as well as guidance on other parameters.